Buying A Property With Shared Ownership


Owning a home is the dream of just about any person you can think of. Everybody likes the idea of having the ability to acquire something of their own, however, it has become increasingly difficult for people to own a home because of how bad the economic climate has become. For people who do not exactly qualify for mortgages or who do not have the money necessary to buy a house upfront, shared ownership is a viable option that should definitely be considered It is almost like having the best of both worlds!  Since the credit crunch, it has become increasingly difficult for first buyers to purchase affordable homes and get their first foot onto the property ladder. To make matters worse, banks have tightened their belts and a typical mortgage requires at least a 10% deposit. Then there’s the affordability issue where some people simply do not earn a high enough income to give them the mortgage amount they require.  We now seem to live in an instant gratification culture where everyone wants things instantly, rather than saving first before buying.

Most young people have zero savings and simply find that they have very little money to put into savings at the end of the month, which is mainly due to our lifestyles and the cost of living. So the idea of saving for many first time buyers is simply not feasible.  All is not lost though; there is still a way for many first time buyers to purchase a home that is affordable by going through Shared Ownership Housing Schemes.  The truth is that housing prices have exceeded income and, therefore, affordability is a big problem.

All is not lost, yes, what is the alternative and how could you be the owner?  Let’s look at one of the alternatives that might be considered: – shared ownership.  With shared ownership properties, people can part buy and part rent housing. These mortgages bring schemes known as shared ownership schemes, often set up from the Housing Association of the particular country. This shared ownership arrangement is in fact very well liked in the United Kingdom. Exactly what a mortgage for shared ownership actually does is allows first-time buyers to have an important a part of a selected property through providing these with the borrowed funds amount. This can be of particular interest to first-time buyers given that they only need a part of the deposit as well as the mortgage amount they would typically have to purchase a similar property around the open market.

Although mortgage options exist for people who find themselves not able to own a house if you are paying the complete cash price, not everybody will be entitled to a consistent mortgage. Depending on your credit history, annual income and various debts, you possibly will not necessarily be eligible for an everyday mortgage. For people who have the need to own a property but are struggling to accomplish that through a regular mortgage, the correct shared ownership mortgages are around to make buying much easier.  Shared ownership schemes are managed in the UK by Housing Association ‘Agents’. You should contact these agents because your first choice if you are enthusiastic about registering for shared ownership schemes or searching for shared ownership properties locally  Many lenders offer first-time buyers 100% loan to value on the purchased share. This means that should you be thinking about purchasing 50% of the shares within the property, many lenders provide you with 100% of this value. It’s no surprise that shared mortgages are particularly appealing to first-time homeowners or people who find themselves fresh away from school and possess just started working.

It is now crucial that you remember that even though it is reasonable to enter an ownership sharing arrangement in places you obtain a percentage stake within the property; you’ll own that area of it. Consequently, you will lose out on some of the equity development in the event the housing market improves as well as the price of homes rises. You won’t benefit around in the event you owned 100% with the property or had a regular mortgage that facilitated you owning the complete property. For a few people, that is the least of their concerns because normally they would not have access to the opportunity to own any kind of a house to begin with.  The web is filled with plenty of resources that can calculate rates and offer quotes for shared ownership mortgages. These resources could also allow comparisons between mortgage brokers and determine what one gets the best rates and payment terms for you personally. Because you continue your shared ownership mortgage arrangement, you could be capable of finding another way of needs to acquire more shares until the house is 100% yours.

Shared ownership mortgages are useful and great for individuals who have hardly any other solution when it comes to having a home. Few people could get it carried out one shot. Unless you have that ability, then you should look at a mortgage with joint ownership when getting it done in stages.  The benefits of shared ownership mortgages    In summary, shared ownership mortgages mean that you require less deposit in order to secure a property compared to an outright purchase. It also means you only need to secure a mortgage of 25%-50% of the purchase price and also the ongoing monthly costs can be up to 50% less than buying the property outright.


If you think that this way of buying could be beneficial to you then the next stage is to get the finance in place. You can speak to an independent mortgage broker who will be able to take all your details, check your eligibility for the scheme and then advise on which lender and mortgage products would be the most suitable for you.  Once you’ve found a suitable mortgage product you are then in a position to look for a property. In this way you know that you are eligible for a mortgage and you can concentrate on finding the perfect property for you. This is the real benefit of shared ownership mortgages.